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Nash is our favorite performance horse.  He is a consistent 1D barrel horse, who also competes in poles and other gymkhana events.  He is also calm and sensible enough for my 3yr old to ride around at rodeos.  We are in the process of training him to pull a cart as well.  He was broke and trained by us.   His dam Roxy is referenced at the bottom of this page.  His maternal siblings include Sealegs Honored and Makita. His paternal siblings include Fancy’s dam.  We are also going to try and get some good performance pictures of Nash this year along with some better videos. 

Sealegs is our backup barrel and gymkhana mount.  He is not as patterned as his brother Nash, so he does not get as many chances to perform as we would like.  He should be “finished” by the end of this season though.  He was broke and trained by us and is used as a pony horse on a regular basis. He is currently being rode at the feedlot by Moriah. 

Fancy shares many of the same relatives as Nash, including Comprende, Fowler Deck and Miss Lovely Chic.  Fancy is also a finished 1D/2D barrel and Pole horse.  She too competes in all the gymkhana events as Shelly’s main mount.  She was broke and trained by us.   She will be bred to Turbo in 2015.

Makita is a very kind and loving filly out of our mare Roxy.  She is rather cowey, and is a very thick, big boned filly.  She is currently being broke and trained on a ranch by my sister in law Moriah.  .  Her papers are on the way. Due to a pasture injury, Makita gets the year off. She is a maternal sister to Nash, Sealegs, and Willy.



Bonita is my 4yr old daughters Quarter pony who stands at 14 hands and is around 12 years old.  She is a kids dream! She is truly an all around horse as she is a finished gymkhana horse, she has shown in 4H, has been used for ranch work including roping cattle, and she pulls our pony cart well.   She is very calm for the kids but knows how to get up and go for adults. I have never met a horse more safe for the little ones on the ground.  Kids running all over  have never bothered her.  My daughter has moved up to my barrel gelding, so we no loner need Bonita.  She has had two awesome colts and is a super mom.  The only catch is that she sells grade and she really needs shoes or else she is very tender footed.

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Roxy no longer lives on our farm, but we have several sons and daughters of hers that we compete on.  In her prime, Roxy was an almost unbeatable 1D barrel and pole horse.  She also ran several cow pony races, and won every single time.  Her speed was amazing, but her heart was even greater.  Her offspring include Nash, Makita, Sealegs, and Willy.



Willy is another son of Roxy and has the same sire as Ruby. He was sold as a rope horse as a 3yr old.

Pigeon Creek Abner “Buck”


Buck is our newest addition.  He is bred for cutting and penning.  He was broke by my brother and rode by Jill.  He will be trained to rope and run barrels.  His Sire was a grey/roan/dun stallion who was very quiet and had awesome conformation.  He is currently being rode at the feedlot by Moriah. Photos by Nicole Spence.

Rebels Prelude


Rebel is a recent addition to our farm.  She is over 16 hands. She was purchased as a brood mare since she was severely gate soured. After only a month of training on our farm, however, she was back to walking in the gate and was already running 3D times.  We anticipate with more runs she should easily become a 1D mare again. Rebel was originally trained for poles, flags, barrels, and moved and tracked cattle. She is a very docile mare who is ridden by my daughter Emily.  She is currently bred to our stud Turbo and will resume racing after weaning her colt. 





Follys Miss Jet Deck (Brisket)


Rainbow Dash



Brisket is a nice race bred filly that was broke by Jill and is currently being trained for barrels by Nicole.   She has been used to move cattle and is used to the commotion of the farm.  Picture of her papers are on their way. She is bred to our stallion Turbo and will resume training after weaning her colt.

2012 Sorrel filly sired by Aint Waistin Time AAA son of Willie Wanta Dash and dam is by Hawkinson out of the Superior Race mare Prime Time Kid producer of GR II Sk winner and sired by Mr Kid Charge, World Champion Running Stallion and first superior All Around horse. Rubie is Nicole’s next barrel horse.  She was broke my Moriah and is being rode by Jill. She is a huge filly who should mature around 16 hands, and is bred to race, race, race. Her sire Aint Wastin Time is also the sire of Aint Willy Rockin (in the reference section). 

Rainbow Dash is a 2013 POA filly.  Her 13 hh dam (pictured below) was broke and sold to a nice home after weaning her filly. She has been hauled to rodeos since she was month old, so she is quite used to all the sights. She should make a nice gymkhana mount when we are done training her. Currently, she is being trained by a small adult. My 8yr old also enjoys riding her around on the trails.

Nate is a 2007 pony who is broke to drive and ride.  He was barn soured when we bought him, but he no longer tries to go home even with my daughters riding him.  He is in training for gymkhana events.

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Lady was another nice, finished barrel and pole horse that was broke by Jill and trained by Nicole.  Lady has been Nicole’s main runner for the last few years.  We have since replaced her with her close relative Brisket who is currently in barrel training with Nicole.






Kyle is a 2015 Gray AQHA colt out of Rebel and sired by Turbo.  He is bred to race, but has the sweetest disposition. He is currently getting 90 days put on him, and he will go into barrel training after that.

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2013 Sorrel filly by Dream On Buster (own son of Dash For Cash).

VCR Olympic Torch (aka Turbo)

Pictured at 18 years old.  Torbo is a very smart and gentle stud.  He is a pleasure to work with, and we never need to use a chain on him even when breeding mares.  He was injured on the race track before he ever got a chance to run and was purchased right away for breeding, so he never got a chance to go back and race.





Sparkles is a 2015 grade filly. Her dam is cow bred (did not get papers on her), and her sire is our race stud Turbo. Should make an outstanding performance prospect.


Raspberry is July 2017 filly out of Rebel and Torch. She is a full sister to Kyle.


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