We no longer accept deposits for kids. Instead, we keep a wish list, and contact people as kids are born in the order they have reserved them in. If the balance is not received within 2 weeks of notification, the kid may be offered to someone else. † Kids are to be picked up or shipped by one month of age.  If not picked up, than a $2/day care fee will be charged. NO refunds will be given on canceled orders.  Prices are good for kids picked up at the farm and include original ADGA registration or application.  They do not include shipping, kennel, health papers, etc. Once you reserve a kid, the price is set and will not change.† Prices may go up or down on unreserved kids once they are born and evaluated.† More shipping information is at the bottom of this page. Thanks for your interest in our wonderful herd. 


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2019 breeding chart

*Unless the doe is bred, plans can change without notice!


Shipping Information

We fly a lot of goats out from our farm, and the tickets usually run 300 (sometimes they are less, but we donít know until we get to the airport).† If you have us air ship a kid, you must have the kid and the ticket paid for before we leave the farm.† We always send you a receipt for the ticket and refund any difference in the cost.† If air shipping you must also either purchase a crate and have it sent to† us or we can buy one for you.† A new crate usually runs $75.† A health certificate is $30.† We have a 4 hour drive to the airport and then another 4 back, so we do require $75 for fuel.†† Animals are not allowed to fly if it is going to be over 85 degrees on any part of their flight.† This means that April is about the latest we can fly goats, although in 2013 we have been able to fly some in May and into June.

Another option is to ground ship the animals.† Some people choose to drive themselves to pick up the goats.† Others pay someone to come get them.† There are several transport groups on Facebook that help find rides for kids. Transporters pick the goat up at our farm and drive them almost directly to yours.†

Other Valuable Information

The following website has some very valuable information regarding the care of goats.† Whether you are a seasoned goat veteran or a first time owner, it has some great content that may benefit you.† http://www.gov.mb.ca/agriculture/livestock/goat/pdf/bta01s05.pdf

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Sales Page

Updated 7-10-2018

Heaven's Hollow

NEW!!!† We can now ship semen any time! We use Rocky Mountain Sire Services to store and ship semen to customers. As a semen collection and storage company, they have shippers available for rent, and will ship our semen directly from their storage facility to you for less than what we were able to fill our shipper for. To purchase semen for shipment, email us your order and we will have you make payment by paypal or check.† Once the semen is paid for, we call them and release the semen to you. We will then give you the number to call in order to pay for the shipping by credit card (This ensures their tank is mailed back to them after the shipment is received.) This is an awesome company to work with, with tremendous customer care, and we are excided to offer this exciting service to our semen buyers.

We still offer free delivery of semen to any show or convention we attend.† We do not keep all of our inventory in our tank anymore, so you must make arrangements with us before the show in order to ensure we will have the semen and our tank with us.

Oberhasli Milkers (click on the name for more info)

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For Sale:

$800 (now dry)

For Sale:

$450, brood doe only

†††††††††† †††††††††† †††††††††† †††††††††† Oberhasli (click on the name for more info)

*B Heavenís Hollow Ransom $30 per straw, $125 for 5 straw unit, 40 available, BioGenics

+*B GCH Tonka-Tails Tipperary Prince†† $30 per straw, $125 for 5 straw unit, 55 straws, Mega Bucks

Sir Echo Bís Flashy Promise ††† $35 per straw, $150 for 5 straw unit, 60 available, Out To Pasture

Heavenís Hollow Shiís Solution$40 per straw, $175 for 5 straw unit, 60 available, Out To Pasture or Capria Gia

*B Heavenís Hollow Big Red†† $35 per straw, $150 for 5 straw unit, 20 available

*B Heavenís Hollow Toby Mac†† $40 per straw, 18 available, BioGenics

*B Heavenís Hollow Solomon†† $30 per straw, $125 for 5 straw unit, 40 available, BioGenics

*B Sir Echo Ceebre†††††††† None available for sale

*B White-Haven Tumnus †† $35 per straw, $150 for 5 straw unit, 40 straws, Mega Bucks?

+*B SG White-Haven Sousa †† $30 per straw, $125 for 5 straw unit, 5 available, BioGenics

SG Heavenís Hollow Dakota†† $30 per straw

FDF Plesant Fields King†† $20 per straw

FDF Plesant fields Jack Dnls†† $20 per straw

+*B Catoico's Lex Luther †† $40 per straw, $175 for 5 straw unit, 5 available, BioGenic