Welcome to Heaven's Hollow, located in the beautiful northeastern Colorado plains. We maintain a small Oberhasli dairy goat herd, with an emphasis on milk, show, and quality rather than quantity.

2009 National Champion

SGCH Heavenís Hollow Shotsi 5*M

2021: Heavenís Hollow Ember Jewel 1*M

2021, 2018, 2017: SGCH Heavenís Hollow Shayna 7*M

2021: Heavenís Hollow Enticed 7*M

2021: Heavenís Hollow Iím Not Shy 7*M

2021: Heavenís Hollow Lil Truffle 7*M

2018, 2017: SGCH Heavenís Hollow Lindor 6*M

2018: GCH Heavenís Hollow The Shulamite 6*M

2018, 2017: GCH Heavenís Hollow Shylah 7*M

2015, 2014: GCH Heavenís Hollow Praise 5*M

2015, 2014: GCH Heavenís Hollow Miranda 5*M

2015, 2014: SGCH Heavenís Hollow Whatchamacalit 5*M

2014: GCH Wyjem Wendy Kiki 1*M

2014: GCH Heavenís Hollow Lil Susie 5*M

2014: GCH New Dreams D Jujyfruit 3*M

2010, 2008, 2007: SGCH Heavenís Hollow Shotsi 5*M

2010: SGCH Heavenís Hollow Zoretta 5*M

2010: GCH Heavenís Hollow Lil Lady 1*M

2008, 2007: SGCH Heavenís Hollow Jezabell 4*M

Thank you for your interest in our dairy goat herd.  Heavenís Hollow Farm is located in northeastern Colorado.  We have been raising dairy goats since 1984, when we purchased our first Nubian does because my daughter Nicole was allergic to baby formula.  It didnít take us long to fall in love with their personalities, and soon Nicole was showing them in 4H.  In 1990, we moved to our current location and were forced to sell our lovely does.   It took us several years to build all the necessary facilities, but before we knew it we were back into the goat business.

In 1997, Jill decided to take goats as a 4H project.  This time, we purchased several LaMancha does and after a couple years attended our first ADGA sanctioned show.  It was at this show that we saw our first Oberhasli goats and instantly fell in love.  It didn't take long for Obers to take over the entire barn! We have found the Oberhasli breed to be more docile than the other dairy goat breeds. We love their dispositions, gentleness, and personalities. Our herd now consists of mostly Oberhasli and a few Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats. 

We have been on a strict CAE prevention program since the start of our herd.  We annually test every goat on our place.  Our first goats came from herds that had tested negative year after year.  In addition, all births are attended.† We keep as closed of a herd as possible.† We do not allow other herds on our property, and no new animals are ever allowed on our premise unaccompanied by a negative CAE test and health papers.   New additions to our herd are also quarantined to ensure the animal is in good health.† We are very particular when we go to shows about where we pen our animals and who comes into contact with them.† Kids are raised on heat treated colostrum and pasteurized milk by bottle and lambar. The only exception to this is dam raised wethers that go to market at weaning time.

We annually test all of our animals for CAE to show that we maintain a disease free herd. Or herd is also free of Scrape, TB, CL, Johnes, Bruc, and abscess.† We have some Jersey cows on our property who are also tested (always neg) for TB and Johnes.†

Our herd is current on their vaccinations (CD&T), wormed regularly, and hooves are always kept trimmed.  We supplement our goats with copper and BoSe triannually. All of our goats are always disbudded approximately a week after birth; we have no goats with horns on our farm as we feel they would only endanger themselves and others.

Our milkers and growing kids are fed 14% sweet grain mix (mainly corn, oats, and barley), beet pulp, black oil sunflower seeds, and calf manna, as well as free choice alfalfa and grass hay.  Dry animals are given grass hay and calf manna daily.  Everyone also receives free choice baking soda, minerals, and rock salt.  Our goats are not run together.  Instead, we keep them in groups of 5 to 10.  This allows us to create a custom ration for each pen of like animals, and it would also allow us to quickly control and eliminate the spread of any disease, should the need ever arise.† The following website has some very valuable information regarding the care of goats.† Whether you are a seasoned goat veteran or a first time owner, it has some great content that may benefit you.† http://www.gov.mb.ca/agriculture/livestock/goat/pdf/bta01s05.pdf

2008 NationalsĖ Awards

We have our herd linear appraised every other year and also have our herd on standard milk test (DHIA) every other year.† We try to attend at least five ADGA sanctioned shows a year.  We also attended the ADGA Nationals, as long as it is within a couple days driving distance. 

These last few years have been amazing for our herd.  Our linear appraisal scores are better than we ever imagined.† We currently have several LA scores of 92, and many others 90 and above.†

Jill Whomble

& Shelly Thomas



Wray, Colorado



†or 970-630-6330 - Jillís Cell (texts welcome)

(Please understand that we do NOT have good phone service at the farm)




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2010 National Jr Champion

GCH NC Promised Land Bella

2010 NationalsĖ pet me, pet me!

2009 NationalsĖ milked out and waiting to be checked

2007 NationalsĖ Ready to head home

2005 NationalsĖ Our 1st National Champion

2006 NationalsĖ Our 1st Colorama Sale consignment

2013 National Champion

GCH Wyojem Wendy Kiki

2012 National Champion

SGCH Heavenís Hollow Shiloh 6*M

2014 Jr Res National Champion

SG Heavenís Hollow Hosanna

2014 Jr National Champion

Heavenís Hollow Breetta

2008 Jr Res National† Champion

SGCH Heavenís Hollow Zoretta 5*M

2005 Jr National Champion

GCH Heavenís Hollow Lil Susie 5*M

2017 Colorama Sale consignment

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2018 1st Fresheners ready to show

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2023 National Champion & Best Udder

SGCH Heavenís Hollow Shi Saylor 7*M

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